5 horse cleaning types that really everyone knows

Many riders are concerned with the topic of "horse grooming" - especially now that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. But not only the rider's parlor wants to shine in new splendor - our horses are also happy about a proper all-round cleaning every now and then (... at least that's what you think after the dear four-legged friends on the paddock again dutifully in the only mud puddle wide and turned wide and turned). But, as with so many topics, the equestrian world is also divided into different camps. All opinions are represented, ranging from "quickly scrubbing the saddle area" to "polishing it to a high gloss". Here we present the top 5 of the most well-known types of horse cleaning.

The sloppy

Who doesn't know him? While all the other riders are already on their way to the riding arena, he strolls into the stable lane 10 minutes before the riding lesson starts, whistling. Quickly removing any dirt from the saddle area and the horse's face and scratching out the hooves is enough. Worn out curtains, straw in the tail or thick mud crusts under the horse's belly are no reason for this rider not to mount.

The Conservative

Curry comb, brush, root brush, hoof pick, sponge or lambskin gloves for the sensitive areas - this order must not be mixed up under any circumstances. Innovations are foreign to him. The classic horse grooming type is (almost meticulously) insistent on his traditions . This rider has absolutely nothing to do with glitter and unicorns, after all he works with real wood brushes that are in his antique grooming box.

The horse cleaning trendsetter

The scented make-up remover wipes for the nostrils and the latest shine spray for the final finish - this type is particularly susceptible to the latest fad on the horse market. It doesn't matter whether it's "Magic-Brush" or "Mouth Butter", nothing goes untested . Of course, it is not uncommon for this rider to expand his range almost every week. After all, a single hoof oil is not enough if the same is now also available in the " Unicorn Edition". If the hype was once again shorter than the longevity of the product, they are happy to sell their "cleaning box keepers" among the stable community.

The monoplane

You could also call this guy “the lazy one”. Why clean when you can prevent it? The horse is always covered , regardless of whether it's summer or winter (for the horse's well-being, of course). After all , it's also practical, because the most important areas are fortunately spared from the dirt. And that even if the horse dares to roll around with its blanket on.

The horse grooming perfectionist

Grooming, brushing off, scraping out hooves - that's not enough for him. The perfectionist prefers to bring out other artillery, because after the (already very detailed) thorough cleaning  , this horse cleaning fanatic really gets going. The horse is showered , shampooed with massage-like hand movements and the tail and mane are cleaned separately . Then the freshly scented four-legged friend is best placed briefly under the solariumplaced. Once the horse (yes, we're still talking about a horse) is dry, the tail is handpicked and the mane braided. This cleaning guy leaves nothing to chance. The disadvantage: After this exhausting ordeal, there is usually no time left for riding.

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