5 tips on how to get your husband interested in Horses 2022

Riding is your favorite hobby and the horse your best friend? All that's missing is the perfect partner for a perfect life... most people think! But what if your husband shows no interest in horseback riding and you constantly have the feeling that he is standing between you and the horse? Here you will find ways out, because there are ways to change this situation !

5 tips on how to get your husband interested in Horses 2022

5 tips to awaken enthusiasm in your man

Below you will find 5 tips on how to get your husband excited about horses.

Tips - 1: The penchant for competition

Ask your partner if he would like to accompany you to the next tournament . Men generally enjoy dueling and are goal oriented. So the probability that he will enjoy cheering for you at the next tournament is high! In addition, one or the other beer is definitely waiting for him there - of course only after the assignment as "TT"..

Tips - 2: Bring men together

Do your stable friends feel the same way? Then arrange a meeting and get your men together . It is important that it takes place at the riding stables so that you and your horses can always be friends.

Tips - 3: Bring machines into play

Despite all your efforts, your partner just can't build a relationship with your horse? There is a solution for that too! There are hardly any men who are not machine fanatics . And do you know a riding stable without tractors, wheel loaders or riding arena planners? So your partner has a reason to accompany you to the stable even if you don't love horses.

Tips - 4: Combine horseback riding with workouts

Your husband loves workouts of all kinds? Here, too, the riding stable offers a number of possibilities! From full-body training like mucking up to endurance training, where he accompanies you and your horse on a ride. But of course on foot and at a brisk pace!

Tips - 5: The women's quota in the stable

One last tip, but one that could hurt the relationship. At pretty much every riding stable, the proportion of women is quite high, which is generally not bad for the men! Here, however, you should be careful not to lose your partner to other nice colleagues from the stable... So in some cases it may even be better to leave the man at home!

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