Aegidienberger Horse

The Aegidienberger is one of the modern German horse breeds, being primarily a cross between the Icelandic pony breed and the Paso Peruano horse breed This unusual combination of pony and horse is classified as a small horse or gauge block pony and has been bred successfully since the 1980s. With the Aegidienberger, the comfortable tölt is combined with the Mediterranean lightness and the size of a small horse. The horse breed is very popular as a leisure horse and school horse for children, as it masters both the tölt and the basic gaits and has a people-oriented and calm disposition.

Important data at a glance

  • Origin: Germany
  • Main breeding area: Germany
  • Distribution: Germany, Europe
  • Height: 143 - 152 cm
  • Weight: 600-700kg
  • Appearance: compact and robust
  • Colours: All colours
  • Main area of ​​application: recreational riding , gait riding
  • Type: small horse/ full size pony

The origin of the Aegidienberger

Originating in Germany, the Aegidienberger is a cross between Icelanders and the Paso Peruano . The breed was founded by Walter Feldmann, who is a respected and experienced Icelandic breeder. The Icelandic horses with their special tölt gaithave a very large fan base in Germany and many hobby breeders and lovers of the breed have wanted to combine the advantages of the Icelandic breed with a larger breed for a long time. Icelanders have been very popular riding horses since they came to Germany because they are weatherproof and robust, but their small size of just around 140 cm and their sometimes stubborn nature were not easy for every rider to handle. In addition, Icelanders in Germany often suffer from the heat in summer.

A breeding goal was therefore quickly defined. The new breed should be more resistant to the summer heat and gain some size while retaining the tölt gait and the robust and free nature of the Icelanders. The idea of ​​breeding was decided in 1979 by a Mr. Feldmann. However, it still lacked the right counterpart to the characteristics of the Icelanders. The search for a suitable partner began, which finally ended with the Peruvian Pasos. These horses from South America are also gaited and master the tölt, they are also used to higher temperatures and the stick size also suits the Icelanders. The first breeding successes came in the 1980s, and recognition as an independent breed followed in 1994 with the name Aegidienberger.

The exterior of the Aegidienberger - a riding horse with an elegant appearance

The Aegidienberger is a riding horse type, is characterized by a stable, harmonious and elegant exterior and reaches a height of about 145 to 155 centimeters. Its proportionately large and dry head is expressive and has clear, large eyes, fine and medium-sized ears and correct teeth. Also characteristic are the large nostrils and good freedom from the jawsThe medium-length neck is set high, fits harmoniously with the overall build and is shown with a good, natural erection. A balanced top and bottom line as well as a taper towards the poll, a dense mane and well-defined withers are desirable. The well-muscled and elastic back with its well-curved back line and the sloping and long croup with pronounced muscles are just as harmonious. The medium-high set tail impresses with its dense long hair, which goes perfectly with the dense, fine-haired and short fur. Last but not least, the Aegidienberger should show itself with a strong and broad chest, long, muscular and sloping shoulders and a well arched chest. Regarding the foundation are dry,well-developed and strong joints as well as hard hooves in a harmoniously appropriate size are decisive. The hindquarters are well muscled and strong and correspond to a typical gaited horse's croup without sloping too far. With regard to the color of the fur, all colors from black horses to foxes can be found in the Aegidienberger.

The interior - a willing and sociable horse

With its high level of alertness and attention, its pronounced willingness to react and its positive sensitivity, the Aegidienberger is a willing, willing and easy-to-ride horse that is extremely sociable and respectful. Ideally, he is characterized by a high ability to learn and willingness to cooperate, a mental balance and reliability. In addition, the Aegidienberger is courageous and equipped with a natural but always controllable urge to move forward.

The gaits of the Aegidienberger

The Aegidienberger has three basic gaits, walk, trot and canter, which every horse can master. Added to this is the tölt and, in rare cases, the racing pass. Tölt and racing pace are special gaits that only occur in gaited horses and are particularly comfortable for the rider. The racing pace does not occur in every Aegidienberger, but the breed has a genetic predisposition to this fifth gear. What is special about the race pass is the flight phase, which can be seen again and again during the race. The additional gaits are considered more comfortable by riders than the three basic gaits, although care should always be taken that it is an additional gait and not a lameness of the animal.

Special features of the Aegidienberger

The special thing about the Aegidienberger is the gait. They master at least a fourth gear , mostly even a fifth . Compared to the Icelanders, they are significantly larger. Thanks to the blood of the Paso from South America, the small horses are not only robust and prepared to withstand bad weather, but can also withstand the heat in summer.

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