Dead horse Dumped by the Wayside


Gruesome find in the district of Eichsfeld – a passer-by finds a dead horse on the side of the road when going for a walk on Sunday.

Anja U. (37) walked her dog on Sunday on the service road between the Arenshausen motorway junction and Marth im Eichsfeld. But then the passerby made a gruesome discovery : "We find new things here almost every day," says the woman, bulky waste, green waste from the gardens, refrigerators, pieces of furniture, garbage bags, even slaughterhouse waste. "Exactly what people want to get rid of but that was disposed of here today is the icing on the cake," explains Anja U..

dead horse was disposed of at the side of the road , more precisely a mare . Externally, no injuries could be seen, and the animal did not look undernourished. It was only bleeding from the nostrils , according to the shocked finder.

police investigated

The police and the veterinary office are now investigating who disposed of the horse there. The police have filed a complaint for violating the Animal Body Disposal Act.

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