Pony lived in the catch wagon for months - Now it's gone


In Geeste in Emsland, a pony attracted a lot of attention: it was locked in a trap wagon for months - now it has disappeared. Many animal lovers gathered for a vigil in front of the owner's yard.

In Emsland, many animal lovers gathered in front of a pony owner's farm. The pony was locked up for months and had to live in a few square meters - that sounds like a cruel fate for both humans and animals. This is the sad reality for the pony near Geeste in Emsland - but now it has disappeared .

The owner stated that he placed the pony with friends. According to his statement, the veterinarian and the veterinary office had no complaints about the pony's condition. However, as early as July 2021, the veterinary office asked the pony owner to adjust the keeping of the pony due to animal welfare violations and to eliminate the deficiencies identified.

A local resident and animal rights activist reports that the man also sells puppies. To save the puppies, she buys two herself and describes the poor conditions there. The veterinary office is now checking the housing conditions of the dogs and checking the pony's new home. Animal rights activist Anja Poppinga doubts that the pony has found a place in a stable. She wants to continue fighting for the rights of the little animal.

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