Stricter rules at carnival: this now applies to the use of horses

Dusseldorf – After accidents with horses in carnival processions, the guidelines for the use of horses are now being tightened. 

The new guidelines for dealing with horses at carnival have now been finally adopted by the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection. The guidelines are intended to serve as an enforcement aid and orientation for the competent veterinary authorities.

The new regulation stipulates that the horses must be able to be removed from the train at several points along the route . It must be ensured everywhere that a veterinarian can be on site within ten minutes to provide medical care for the animal. Another innovation is the distance to the music band. If possible, the horses should run at the beginning or end of the train. At least one accompanying person must be available for each horse. "The consumption of alcohol and other drugs before and during the event is prohibited without exception for all persons involved with the horses," the guidelines say. Horses should be prepared for their use, they have to be used to "special customs and event-specific stimuli" such as projectiles.

More than 300 horses run along in the Cologne Shrove Monday procession alone. Animal rights activists have been calling for this to be avoided for many years. There had been accidents several times, including in 2018. This year, the Cologne Rose Monday train and many other trains were canceled in the usual form due to Corona.

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