10 Ways to Make a Horse Happy

10 Ways to Make a Horse Happy

If you’re thinking about buying a horse, or if you already own one, there are plenty of ways to keep your horse happy and healthy without spending too much money. Horses need lots of love and attention, so the more time you spend with them, the happier they’ll be. This guide will give you ten easy ways to make your horse happy and keep him healthy in return.

1) Feed Your Horse Quality Feed

Good feed makes for happy horses. Horses fed junk will be depressed, and you don’t want that—if your horse is depressed, he won’t have any energy for you! Stick with high-quality feeds and supplements for happier horses.

2) Keep Him Clean

A dirty horse is an unhappy horse, and getting your mount cleaned up (and clean!) is one of the most important things you can do for him. Wash his face every day and his body once or twice a week. If he’s muddy, don’t just wipe it off—wash him with warm water from head to toe using soap if necessary, then rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry him. Check feet daily for stones and other debris, then clean them well before bedtime.

3) Give Him Plenty of Exercise

Stable owners know that happy horses are active horses. Your horse needs regular exercise, not just for his health, but for your own happiness as well. Exercise helps your horse burn off excess energy and also strengthens their musculoskeletal system, promoting good posture and ensuring they live a long life. So give your favorite equine friend plenty of exercise—you’ll both be happier for it!

4) Ride Him as Much as Possible

Not only is riding your horse fun, but it’s also one of his favorite activities. So, if you can squeeze in at least an hour or two of riding each day, you’ll help him relieve stress and express himself in ways that aren’t possible when he isn’t wearing his saddle.

5) Take Good Care of His Feet

Some people claim they love their horses, but fail to do something as simple as caring for their feet. The horse’s foot is an integral part of his overall body, and if neglected it can become painful and unsafe for him. While many horse owners take great care of their horses, others leave basic hoof care until it’s too late. Find out what you can do on a daily basis to keep your horse’s feet healthy and in good shape!

6) Groom Him Regularly

Proper grooming is essential. Always bathe your horse after every ride, and keep his hooves clean with regular trims (we recommend them once a month). If you can’t bring yourself to give him a full-on bath, just make sure he gets a thorough brushing each day; not only will it remove dirt and debris from his coat, but it will also give you an opportunity to check for ticks or other pests.

7) Create an Environment Where He Can Feel Safe

Humans can be frightening creatures, especially if you’re a strange horse. Being able to trust that he’s in an environment where he feels safe is essential to making your horse happy. Once he feels comfortable in his surroundings, introduce him slowly and confidently so that he knows you mean no harm. Understand Your Horse’s Diet: Horses are much like humans; they have specific dietary needs and preferences.

8) Provide Toys for Playtime

Horses that have nothing to do will become bored, which often leads them to be destructive. Offer your horse plenty of toys for playtime—hay nets, barrels and buckets are all favorites. Even something as simple as a tennis ball or apple on a string can provide hours of entertainment. Place some toys inside his stall, and others out in his paddock or pasture for him to discover during grazing time.

9) Understand the Emotional Side of Horses

Horses may not be able to express their feelings as vividly as humans can, but horses are very emotional animals. Horses are social creatures and rely on interaction with other horses and people. One way that horse owners can improve their horse’s life is by learning more about its emotional side. Take time each day to observe your horse; if you know what it likes and dislikes, you can better take care of it.

10) Work with a Vet That Cares About Horses

Owning a horse is no easy task. They take up an incredible amount of time and energy, not to mention money. Before you bring home your first horse, you need to make sure you have everything in place for his or her needs—from food, shelter, and vet care. The last thing you want is for your four-legged friend to fall ill because there’s something wrong with his/her environment!

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