8 Horse Facts That Will Make You Feel Like You Know Horses

8 Horse Facts That Will Make You Feel Like You Know Horses

Here’s something every horse lover should know—horses will make you feel like you can do anything! These 8 horse facts will give you a little insight into the minds of horses and what makes them tick. It’s easy to understand how they became known as The Horse With A Human Soul, once you get to know more about their complex, intelligent behavior patterns! If there’s one thing I’ve learned after spending my entire life around horses, it’s that they don’t want to be treated like objects or beasts of burden.

1) Horses have an excellent sense of balance

In fact, horses are among a small handful of animals (including cats and dogs) that can stand on two legs for extended periods of time. However, don’t be fooled—they can only do it for a few seconds. Horses also prefer to sleep standing up. As a matter of fact, researchers found that when horses are given two options (sitting or lying down), they opt to spend nearly 99 percent of their downtime standing.

2)Horses have unique body temperatures 

In many ways, horses are like humans. When they’re healthy, they maintain a body temperature of approximately 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, when they’re sick or injured, their temperature can drop to as low as 97 degrees Fahrenheit—and then rapidly rebound back up to normal once they recover.

3) A horse can trot three miles per hour faster than a human

Although many of us don’t realize it, horses are quite speedy. The average horse can trot three miles per hour faster than a human can jog, and they can gallop at a speed of eight miles per hour. They’re also much more efficient when traveling distances over long periods of time; in fact, horses can travel 25 to 30 miles without stopping to rest—that’s twice as far as most humans could go!

4) Horses have nicknames

Horses have nicknames, too. A horse’s nickname is often associated with his age or lineage. For example, a 5-year-old horse will be referred to as 5-year-old Colt and an 18-year-old as 3rd Dam because that first dam he came from was a 17.

5) They are loving, gentle creatures

We love our horses for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that they can be so darned affectionate. Horses will nuzzle and kiss you, both as a sign of respect and affection—you don’t need to ride them or even spend a lot of time with them to get their attention in these ways.

6) Did you know horses only sweat from their hooves?

In hot climates, sweat helps horses cool down. The moisture evaporates into cooler air and cools their bodies. But in cold temperatures, sweat won’t do much to help keep them warm, so they rely on their wool or hair coats to keep them cozy. Unlike us humans—who sweat from all over our bodies—horses only sweat from their hooves.

7) Did you know that horses sleep standing up?

Horses have poor circulation, which is a major cause of laminitis. This means that if a horse were to lie down and sleep for too long, blood could pool in their lower legs and prevent proper circulation from happening. As such, horses can only really sleep standing up, because lying down puts them at risk of developing an extremely painful and potentially fatal condition called laminitis.

8) Did you know horses can recognize over 100 voices?

Horses are intelligent animals. In fact, they are known to be one of only three species—along with dolphins and humans—that recognize their own name when called. Horses can even learn to distinguish different shapes and colors, meaning you can train them to differentiate between simple shapes like circles and squares or different colors like red and green. Horses have been shown to be able to learn these distinctions after just one or two exposures!

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