Catch Me If You Can! Catching horses made easy !

Some horses are well mannered and will stay where you want them, some horses hesitate but allow themselves to be captured, while others appear to be running for their lives as if a butcher's knife is behind them. But what causes this behavior and what can be done to change it? Read on to learn why some horses always want to play cops and robbers at the worst possible time.

Why, little horse, why ?

Running horses can be quite a tiring problem . Some horses may just stay out of reach while others literally run away. There are many reasons why horses engage in such behavior and understanding why this happens is the first step towards a solution. The first step is to pay attention to what happens before, during and after you try to catch your horse.


They may want to run after your horse , yell and shout , maybe even punish this behavior in some way, but that could actually make it worse. For example, even a child who fears something bad would do anything to avoid punishment. If your horse becomes afraid of a possible punishment or if he senses that you are upset, he will not approach you and would rather run away to avoid what could happen if you catch him. A better approach is to approach your horse slowly and calmly instead, and if you notice him showing signs of stress or about to run away, stand still and wait for him to calm down before moving away keep moving towards it.


Running is my style !

Behavior can also depend on the time you try to capture your horse. For example, if you try to catch it when it's feeding time, your horse probably won't be interested in leaving his food. Change up the routines, or maybe bring a treat to make your horse think, "Hmm, maybe sticking around isn't such a bad thing."


Horses often run away when they associate you with unpleasant experiences, such as veterinary treatments, sometimes grooming and harsh training methods. To prevent this problem, try to create experiences that are valuable and interesting for your horse. When you achieve this, your horse will happily run towards you and enjoy more adventures with you !

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