Horse Thought for Everyday Life

Horse Thought for Everyday Life

Horses are majestic, beautiful creatures. Many of us wish to be around them, but we don’t know how to approach them or interact with them. While there are many equestrian books out there, today we’re going to be looking at some equestrian quotes about horses and their presence in our lives that you can use as inspiration on your journey through life!

Horses Don’t Judge

They’re also a great example of how not to judge others. No matter what your appearance, background, or personality, horses have no problem forming a bond with you—as long as you show them kindness and are respectful. This may be why equestrians often cite their horse’s unconditional acceptance as one of their favorite things about owning an animal.

A Horse Is Loyal

What can you say about a loyal animal? A horse is so faithful that it’s been known to wait years for its owner to return. There’s a story about a knight returning from battle and, not seeing his horse waiting by their favorite tree, he assumed something was wrong and rode off in search of it. When he finally did arrive at home, many years later, there was his faithful steed happily prancing around their old meeting spot.

Horses Are Beautiful

The horse has been described as a beautiful, strong and emotional animal by numerous sources. In ancient Greece, horses were considered companions and symbols of fertility, healing and wisdom. Aristotle famously said that horses are the noblest of all animals in his book History of Animals . The saying is widely repeated today. These large animals have always been important to humanity; here are some famous quotes about them

If You Love Horses, Don’t Abuse Them!

Animals have a language all their own, and horses are no exception. Did you know that if you hit your horse over the head with a carrot, it will think it’s being bullied? It’s true! So remember: If you love horses, don’t abuse them! One way to understand your equine friends is by learning about their past and present. You can read more about these fascinating animals in our latest post.

If You Own a Horse, Respect It!

If you own a horse, you should respect it. Owning a horse is much like being responsible for another person; your horse will look to you for leadership and guidance. It’s up to you to take care of your horse’s needs in all aspects of life, whether at home or out on the trail. This includes grooming, feeding, and riding your horse when it’s time to go exploring.

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