No-Go's When Lunging !


1. Longing with bridles

      §   Attach the lunge to a snaffle ring

 Absolute NO-GO because the bit only moves a lot in the mouth due to its own movement and does not lie still at all. If the horse now pulls a little on the lunge line, the bit is pulled through the mouth. On the other hand, one has no precise influence on the provision of assistance.

      §  Pass the lunge line through the snaffle ring and fasten it on the other side.

This is also very uncomfortable for the horse because the bit is just as restless due to its own movement. And the bit is pulled down together, which is also very uncomfortable for the horse's mouth. As with the above point, one does not have an exact influence.

2. The lunge around the hand wraps

      §  The same applies here as when leading – NEVER wrap the lunge line around your hand. Because horses are prey animals, no matter how well-behaved they usually are. Any horse can get frightened and flee uncontrollably. When the lunge is wrapped around your hand, you will be diligently dragged behind. We can't get to an average of 500kg.

3. Lunging on the bad side for too long


      §  Every horse has a bad side and a good side, that's in nature. It is therefore better to only lunge briefly on the bad side and rather longer on the good side for you and your horse to get more out of it! And just increasing the time on the bad side from time to time. So that the muscles, ligaments, etc. get used to it.

4. Just stand in the middle "The horse is already running"


      §  Many are not even aware of how complex lunging is, from your own posture, the right position to the right aids. Be aware of this and do some research and practice with a trainer before you just stand in the middle.





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