Top 5 Horse Facts That Will Fascinate You

Top 5 Horse Facts That Will Fascinate You

Horses are one of the most fascinating animals that have ever existed on Earth, and there are many ways to enjoy them, whether you want to work with them or simply want to be around them. Whether you’re an experienced horse person or someone who just has a passing interest in these magnificent creatures, there are probably some facts about horses that you don’t know but wish you did. To help you become an expert on horses, here are the top five horse facts that will fascinate you.

Fact #1

Horses are one of only two mammals that can’t jump (the other is kangaroos). Horses have a double leg on each side which allows them to be fast and agile, but with their large size, they don’t have enough power in their legs to propel themselves over fences or hurdles. Kangaroos don’t have any legs below their knee, so they hop everywhere. Horses do get around fairly well by walking or running if they need to get somewhere quickly.

Fact #2

Horses have trouble seeing objects that are not directly in front of them. This is why they often stumble when they move into a new area or startle at things behind them. To help combat accidents due to their limited vision, it’s important to clean up after your horse and remove any obstacles he may run into in his pen.

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Fact #3

Horses have a strong sense of smell. They can smell, and be frightened by, a scent from up to 10 miles away. Some scientists believe that horses have more than 100 million sensors in their nasal region—the strongest olfactory connection in any animal. They use their sense of smell to get information about one another and to evaluate their surroundings. (Source: A List Apart )

Fact #4

Horses Have Their Own Language of Whinnies and Neighs, Too. A horse’s whinny can signify happiness, frustration, or even illness. Likewise, a neigh is used to indicate everything from danger to an invitation for a herd member to come over and say hello.

Fact #5

Horses have an incredible sense of smell. In fact, their sense of smell is about 10,000 times more powerful than that of humans. It’s estimated that a horse can pick up smells as far away as 20 miles and detect scents much smaller than 1 part per billion. They use their extraordinary sense of smell to communicate with each other (via urine), navigate (with changes in wind direction), find food, detect predators and water holes, mark territory, locate injured animals and even avoid poisonous plants!

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