Why you should always be a good friend to your horse

Why you should always be a good friend to your horse

Friendship is just as important in the equestrian world as it is in any other social group. If you’re looking to be a good friend to your horse, you might notice that there are some similarities between the two species when it comes to friendship. Even though they can’t talk, your horse will be able to tell you how much he appreciates your efforts and how much he values your friendship. Follow these steps on how to be a good friend to your horse if you want to improve your bond with him and keep his trust high.

Why you should always be a good friend to your horse

What makes a good horse owner

There are many ways that people can relate to their horses. For example, as I mentioned before, horse owners often consider themselves trainers rather than owners. Another way is by seeing their relationship with their horse as more of a friendship; let me give you some reasons why friendships between humans and horses are so special.

How to recognize people who are not good owners

If you’re in charge of hiring new employees, remember that personality is king. Yes, applicants may have impressive resumes—but if they don’t mesh with your organization and its values, it’s time to move on. When vetting candidates, look beyond their accomplishments and consider how they made those accomplishments happen. Is there evidence of initiative? Teamwork? Resilience? These qualities are more important than experience alone.

Ways to become better friends with your horse

First and foremost, treat them like a person. Horses are social animals and if they see that people in their herd or family (you) are well-treated and cared for, then it is more likely that they will also respect you. If people speak softly around horses, so too should you when near them.

Tips on how to help children care for their horses

Horses are majestic creatures that children adore, but as pets they can become quite high maintenance and add an additional level of stress to an already busy home. Here are some ways you can help keep your child’s interest in horses and give them a chance at maintaining healthy relationships with these animals

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