Five most beautiful chestnut horses in Red Dead Redemption

Chestnut horses are by far the most popular horse color in Red Dead Redemption. For all of you horse lovers out there, here are the top five most beautiful chestnut horses in the game. Take a look at this list and see if your favorite made it on to our list!

American Standardbred

The American Standardbred is a popular racehorse that can be either chestnut or bay. The color of a chestnut horse is a reddish-brown color with red, orange, or yellow highlights. Chestnuts are usually found on horses’ faces and legs and have black skin underneath their hair coat to protect them from extreme heat and cold.

American Saddlebred

The American Saddlebred is one of three recognized breeds of Saddlebred. These horses are bred to be shown, and they have a bold, confident manner that helps them excel in show competitions. Their legs are dark red or brown, while their body is a deep, dark chestnut or mahogany shade.

Arabian horse

According to legend, Arabia was anciently home to magnificent white stallions with silky coats. As these amazing creatures were captured and bred over hundreds of years, their coat became reddish-brown. The Arabian horse is known for its intelligence, loyalty and beauty. The more athletic Appaloosa horse also has a coat that’s brownish-red or light bay color – traits that were used for crossbreeding with Arabian steeds to create new breeds of riding horses.

Belgian Draft Horse

The Belgian Draft Horse is a gorgeous steed with solid, stocky legs and heavy bones. Though it can appear clumsy when galloping, its excellent stamina allows it to run for hours without rest. That said, due to its large build and weight, don’t expect it to be able to climb quickly—the Belgian Draft Horse is slow on hills and mountains.


The Clydesdale is a draft horse breed best known for its large size. They are traditionally used as workhorses, and they excel at pulling loads. In addition to their heavy muscles, they are also very tall—typically over 17 hands high—which makes them impressive animals to look at. Since they were bred for use in war and as pack animals, many of them also have a great deal of endurance, allowing them to travel long distances with relative ease.

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